Q. When is a chip/crack repairable?
A. The damage must be under the size of a quarter to ensure a good structural and cosmetic appearance.

Q. Do you offer mobile or same day service?
A. We have 3 opportunities per day to order your glass according to part availability and scheduling. Call early to reserve your place in the schedule for that day.

Q. Do you service my area with mobile service?
A. Our outreach covers 15 counties in the North Georgia area. We do not service Atlanta (the area off of 400 after exit 7B). If you are not in our typical service area, we may be able to arrange a meeting place convenient to you and us.

Q. Are your installers certified and how much experience do they have?
A. Yes, our installers are all NGA and Essex certified and have a combined 59 years of experience in the auto glass industry

Q. Do you charge for a quote?
A. We offer FREE quotes! Just call, email or stop by today!

Do you have an auto glass question? 770-534-4466, northgeorgiaautoglass@yahoo.com

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